S O C A L   D I S P U T E   R E S O L U T I O N   C E N T E R             

Our experience has clearly shown that most cases should be settled given the proper circumstances. We are passionate about settling disputes. Through our years of legal practice, we have developed experience in a wide variety of practice areas. We have also externed with judges and received judicial training. In short, we have the experience and training necessary to learn the intricacies of any dispute, no matter how complex.

In addition, we understand the mechanics of litigation and of the obstacles which often prevent settlement. We will use our experience and know-how to become an expert in your case facts and applicable law. We will work with both sides to analyze the dispute from every angle and go over its strengths and weaknesses together. We will establish a productive environment allowing the parties to trust in the process. Together, we will come up with innovative and creative solutions to settle your case.

Countless times we have mediated cases that were headed for trial because both parties were stuck in their efforts to settle the case. We shatter through those barriers with our direct, honest and creative approaches.

Guarantee. We will put all our experience, expertise and energy into settling your dispute. Contact Us for a free consultation.

Services. We also offer a variety of additional services, including arbitration and dispute resolution counseling and training. Learn More.

Facilities. The SoCal Dispute Resolution Center offers state of the art facilities to assure the necessary comfort, space and technical requirements are available for all parties. See More.
  R E F I N E D   A P P R O A C H                               

There are three types of mediation: facilitative, transformative and evaluative. We use all three approaches during our mediations, using the style most appropriate for any given situation.

Mediation is an art form and the best results require the mediator to have an immediate ability to seamlessly change their approach based upon the manner in which the mediation is unfolding.

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