S O C A L   D R C   D I S P U T E   M E D I A T I O N   R E S O L U T I O N   G U I D E                                                                             

Mediators can contribute to the settlement of disputes by creating favorable conditions for dealing with them. This can occur through:

  • Providing an appropriate physical environment- this is through selection of neutral venues, appropriate seating arrangements, visual aids and security.

  • Providing a procedural framework- this is through conduct of the various stages of mediation process. As the chair of the proceedings, they can establish basic ground rules, provide order, sequence and continuity. The mediators opening statement provides an opportunity to establish a structural framework, including the mediation guidelines on which the process will be based.

  • Improving the emotional environment- this is a more subtle function and varies among mediations and mediators. They can improve the emotional environment through restricting pressure, aggression and intimidation in the conference room by providing a sense of neutrality and by reducing anxiety among parties.

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