S O C A L   D R C   M E D I A T I O N   P O L I C I E S   &   P R O C E D U R E S           

Reservation of Dates and Necessary Deposits
Payment in full is due immediately upon the confirmation of reserved dates. The deposit made by the parties for the estimated hearing time is inclusive of all mediation services, including preparation, research, consultations, correspondence, etc. All parties and their counsel to the mediation must sign an agreement to mediate which includes a confidentiality provision. Download Mediation Agreement.

Pre-mediation Telephone Calls
In many cases, it may be helpful to have telephone calls with counsel and/or parties in order to clarify issues prior to the mediation. There is no extra charge for these calls.

Cancellation & Rescheduling
Deposits (less the administrative fee) will be refunded if the matter is settled or continued and written notice is received seven (7) days in advance of the first scheduled hearing date.

Mediation Briefs
Mediation briefs are requested five business days prior to the mediation and should include the following: (1) a brief summary of the factual and procedural background; (2) the legal arguments at issue; (3) a summary of settlement proposals, including dates and amounts; (4) a statement of the party's interests and priorities regarding settlement; and (5) any other relevant information that may assist in settling the case. The parties are also encouraged to submit supplemental materials such as relevant deposition transcripts, briefs, key cases, statutes, exhibits, and other documents. Please indicate on the face sheet of the brief whether or not it is confidential.

Mediation Settlement Authority In order to engage in worthwhile settlement discussions, it is imperative that the parties in attendance have settlement authority. Please advise us prior to the hearing if this might pose a problem.

Confidentiality Confidentiality is a key component of a successful mediation. All parties will have signed the Mediation Agreement prior to the commencement of the Mediation.
  F E E   S C H E D U L E                  

The standard fee for a full day mediation or arbitration is $3,000 and $3,500 for class action or complex litigation mediations requiring extensive preparation. This flat rate includes:
  • All preparation time, no matter how extensive
  • Pre-mediation calls with counsel and/or parties
  • Unlimited hours at the mediation
  • Travel time within Southern California
  • Reasonable follow-up work
Fees may be higher for mediations scheduled on weekends or holidays.

Half-day mediations are $1,500, which include all preparation. In the event that a full session is settled in the first half of mediation, we are happy to provide a $1,500 refund for the unused time.

For less complicated disputes requiring less preparation, we will consider mediating such disputes on an hourly basis at the rate of $300 per hour.
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