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"Reed Hamzeh is a natural. His breadth of experience, empathy, sensitivity and intelligence combine to make him an outstanding mediator." -- Kenneth Cloke, Center for Dispute Resolution

"Mr. Hamzeh served as our mediator in a complex matter involving several parties and claims, including a wrongful death claim, and millions of dollars at stake. The parties were on the verge of trial and had failed to settle the case with another mediator. Mr. Hamzeh was able to quickly understand the critical facts involved and the parties' concerns. He did not hesitate to point out the weaknesses and strengths of the case to both parties and worked with us to reach a settlement within a few hours. Mr. Hamzeh has the expertise, experience and commitment necessary to assist parties reach a fair settlement. I highly recommend Mr. Hamzeh." -- Juan Torres, Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP

"Mr. Hamzeh's extensive and varied trial background was a great predictor of our case's likely outcome should it proceed to trial. Moreover, he was fair, well prepared, and recognized the strengths and weaknesses on both sides. This combination helped both sides to compromise on their unreasonable expectations. Ultimately, we were able to reach a mutually agreeable settlement and avoid the uncertainty and expense of litigation, and I have a happy client. I highly recommend Mr. Hamzeh's services." -- David Sire, Jr., Law Offices of Edward C. Ip and Associates, APC

"Mr. Hamzeh was our mediator in an unlawful detainer and quiet title action involving an emotional family dispute regarding ownership rights to real estate property. Mr. Hamzeh was especially effective in addressing the emotional issues which had created obstacles between the parties. Through his genuine compassion for the parties, active listening, and insightful questions, Mr. Hamzeh was able to uncover crucial underlying misunderstandings between the parties. This paved the way for the parties to work together in good faith to resolve the dispute. Mr. Hamzeh also assisted the parties in coming up with several creative solutions to address both parties' concerns in drafting the settlement agreement. The staff was extremely professional and the facilities were excellent. I will not hesitate to use the SoCal Dispute Resolution Center again and highly recommend their services, especially for disputes involving complicated and emotional issues." -- David K. Palmer

"I wanted to thank you and your staff again for helping our family through what had been a very difficult family dispute which was tearing our family apart. Your staff welcomed us in a way that reduced the anxiety we were feeling. In addition, you remained very caring and patient throughout the entire process. I believe your perspective and sensitivity to our problems helped the process tremendously. Please know that you have helped our family to start healing and that you are now in our prayers. Thank you again and God Bless." -- Joy Warren

"The professionals at So-Cal Dispute Resolution Center were instrumental in resolving my case that involved a bitter family dispute over rights to real property. Mr. Hamzeh was insightful and efficient in reaching the key issues during the mediation, which resulted in a very focused, productive mediation and a reunification of the family. I would not hesitate to call upon Mr. Hamzeh to assist in other cases and highly recommend the SoCal Dispute Resolution Center." -- Charles K. Park

"Our case was a construction site death, we had no witnesses and there was a possibility of some comparative negligence. We had previously mediated the case in front of a retired judge and the Defendant offered us $1,250,000. Our demand was $5,000,000 and we would have accepted $3,000,000. There had been approximately 10 expert depositions plus we had 4 more to be taken prior to trial which was less than a month away. Our costs were over $70,000 and we anticipated total costs including trial in the area of $150,000. "I don't know how you got the Defendant to become realistic and more than double their offer. Needless to say we appreciated your efforts to bring both sides to a fair and realistic settlement. I will be happy to serve as a reference for you, use your services I the future and recommend you to other attorneys. Read More." -- Harold Blaisch, Attorney at Law

"As a structured settlement professional, I work closely with clients and their attorneys to find creative and effective financial plans to ensure the injured parties financial needs are met over their lifetime. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Hamzeh on a complex matter with millions of dollars at stake. Mr. Hamzeh sought to understand the nuances of the case and where the parties stood in order to find a creative solution to settle the dispute. Mr. Hamzeh for took the time to listen to and understand my professional advice which he used to assist the parties reach a fair settlement that satisfied the parties' emotional and financial needs. Mr. Hamzeh is an excellent mediator because of his understanding of the legal and personal issues both parties have coming into the process, and his ability to evaluate those issues from a neutral stand point. I highly recommend Mr. Hamzeh for those needing a great mediator for complicated disputes." -- Paul Zeman, Structured Financial Associates
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